-08.29.07 -- doxie update #58
the doxies are going to be playing some shows soon that you should check out. coming up labor day weekend we'll have two shows. the first on friday night will be in columbia at mojos with Caulfield and the Magic and Pale Family. Both are local groups that can really heat up a stage. on saturday night we'll be heading to the river for our fourth consecutive appearance at the euphio campout south of salem, mo at camp zoe. this year the festival is lumped together with schwagstock 4000 so it should be an interesting experience to say the least.
we will be in st. louis in september at the play: stl festival, a three day event of concerts and conferences designed to promote midwest talent. we'll be at the halo bar late friday nite september 21. our co-opt records label mates sweetwater abilene and bockman will also be at the fest.
in general happenings, our drummer john gilbreth got a gig on tour with the wu tang clan for the last month so we've been rehearsing with Duece Carlos on the skins. we're getting pretty damn good at learning to play with new drummers on short notice. most of the credit has got to be given to the drummers though, we already know the songs. we are ready to get into the studio real soon. we have an album's worth of material, but we're not sure that it's done yet, or even started for that matter, so no dates yet. we do know that we'll be recording with wil reeves at his new home studio we helped build last spring. i think he's calling it the red rocket due to its towering height and color, but don't quote me on that. wil plays solo material under the name penny marvel and also bass with bockman, whose last album he recorded and mixed. check em out at http://www.co-optrecords.com


-06.13-07 -- The After Hours
the doxies are going to be debuting some of our new tunes off the upcoming album in a theatrical rock opera called The After Hours. We'll be performing several shows in July throughout Missouri, so make a point to come check it out and you won't be disappointed. Also performing the original score with a few indie favorites will be Bockman and other talented musicians.

-04.06.07 -- new sauce
hey everybody, thought you'd gotten rid of us, huh? well I hate to disappoint you but we're back with a rockin' new set and a kick ass drummer, jon gilbreth. we'll be opening up for Bockman at the blue note on april 28 so come check it out.

-12.01.06 -- , a first in five
regrettably, we are cancelling our appearance in cape girardeau tonight. we got fourteen inches of the white stuff last night and it is still coming down. i guess old man winter did us in, sorry. we'll see ya in the spring.

-11.29.06 -- the snows are coming
We are gonna take the winter off from touring and work on getting some stuff togther for the spring. A small line up change may yet again be in the works, as well as a new studio project. Europe is on the tour agenda when the flowers come back, details as we know them. We are also pretty busy running our new record label, Co-opt Records, which you should check out if you haven't yet. It's totally the coolest thing going. We'll stay in touch, enjoy the holidays.

-10.25.06 -- Smooth Release
We'd like to thank everyone who has made the release of "In search of..." go so well. You know who you are. We'd also like to thank all the fans who came out to the Columbia release party and truely made it a night to remember. We have a few more shows booked for this fall so check the tour page to see if we'll be in your area.
We are currently working the album through college radio and some AAA, so call your local station and request it.
In other news, we have began crafting some new material and plan on going into the studio soon. The studio is so warm with all those tube ambs and processors, there's really no better place to spend the dreary Missouri winter.

-9.14.06 -- In Search of... 3D CD Release SHow We'd like to announce that the Columbia cd release party for "In Search of..." at Mojo's on Fri Oct 13 is going to be kick ass.

That said, you may want to know why. Well I can't reveal all the details, but it involves a multimedia 3D extravaganza, 1970's softcore, giant ladders, and elephant rides.
As if that wasn't enough to get you chomping at the bit, we also have some great bands lined up. Come early for Sweetwater Abilene, Monte Carlos, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and to wrap up the night, yours truely.
Please check out our new label Co-opt Records. We're just getting the ball rolling, but we're gonna be putting out some great new albums real soon, so bookmark that shit. Later

-8.17.06 -- summer camp's over
The doxies are on the war path again now that Brent and Phylshawn are back from their summercamps. We are doing are best to get a tour booked and let ya'll hear our new stuff live. We'll definetly hit up all our old haunts in the midwest and there's talk of East coast and UK dates, but the label may just be blowing smoke up our ass. You just can't trust labels these days. Anywho, I digress, we will have some new merch up soon and you just might be able to buy the new album from our website before it hits the shelves so stay tuned. Word to ya motha- Bryan.

-7.11.06 -- slushy time
I'd like to remind all of you that it is summer time and today, 7/11, is official slushy day. So go to your favorite convenience store and fill your cup with that delicious syrupy concoction. While you're there you might as well get one of those airplane shots of vodka to pour on top.

We have some new pics posted of our recording session for "In Search of...". You may notice that Bryan the bass player is suspiciously missing from the photos. Don't read anything into it, he's just the only one who knows how to work a camera. Check em out.

The official release date for the record has been set at October 10, 2006. We were almost on schedule.

-6.13.06 -- in search of...

in search of... the doxies 4th release is now officially finished. We're really pleased with the sounds we captured for this album. Tight harmonies and catchy melodies enhance the tough beats that new drummer Phylshawn Johnson has brought to the table. We'll be featuring some of the new stuff live if you can't wait for the September release date; check out the tour page for upcoming gigs.

This record will be a split release between Co-opt Records and Emergency Umbrella.

-5.16.06 -- Shows this Week

Thanks everyone who came out to the show on Saturday, it was really a blast. For those of you who couldn't make it, you missed some pyrotechnics as the monitor speaker caught fire during our set.
Please come down and see us at Shattered this Thurs evening. We'll be playing with The Passion and The Frustrated Bachelors. Our old buddy and drummer Kevin is playing with the Bachelors now, so it should be a great time.
On Friday we'll be down at Port Cape with the Dirty 30's and Wormwood Scrubs. They are about to embark on a UK tour, so we'll have to put the big hurt on 'em before they set out.

The new album is in the process of being mixed and mastered at Catamount Studio.We are trying to get some art worked out asap. Not to mention naming the damn thing.

-5.12.06 -- Unrest at Camp Doxie

Hello friends, we've got a show in Columbia on Sat nite with two great bands. OK Jones from lawrence, KS will be opening up followed by locals Caulfield and the Magic and yours truely. Come on down to the Blue Fugue for a good time.
In album news, we are delivering the masters to Catamount Studios on Sunday for mixing and mastering. Everything is going as planned, and the album should be out this September.
Check out the tour page for shows in your area!

-5.02.06 -- We're BacK!
Well we've finally got our site back online after a long period of technical difficulties. We'll try to get everything up to date asap.
The big news is that we have finished recording our fourth release yet to be titled. It is slated for a September release with Emergency Umbrella Records. You can check out a early mix in the audio section of the website. Also, check out our Myspace site add us to your friends list.
Check out the tour page for upcoming shows, including a July 4th "Fire in the Sky" set at Memorial Stadium in Columbia and the Euphio Campout in August.

-11.14.05 -- new news nwes sewn
We had a great time last Friday with the Dirty 30's in Cape. They are a great bunch of guys. We're gonna do some more shows with them in the future. Check out the Journal page for a new story and the tour page for dates. KC this weekend and BIG Columbia show on Dec 3 with Confident Years and Witch's Hat cd release. Other than that, there's not much going on because we scheduled STUDIO TIME in January. Our new album's coming together real nice, and the crowds are digging the new stuff live. That makes us happy, to make more records, but you must realize how much we sacrifice for your approval. We just want to be your friend. That's why we can't have anything nice around here.

-10.11.05 -- We're Goin to Wichita
Hey y'all, we'll be in Springfield on Friday at the outland, then on to Barleycorn's in Wichita on Saturday. If you live there, come see a cool rock show.
We are working on new material for an album to be recorded this winter. We are using some different composing philosophies, and it is going quite well. We will debut some of the new material at upcoming shows.
oh yeah, GO CARDS!!

-09.26.05 -- Coming up by Tim Doxy
Big kiss to all who came to the Maple Wood Barn this past Saturday for a perfect day of rock and BBQ. Lots of folks worked long hours to set up the days events and provide food with sound. All the bands kicked and it was a true success.
Speaking of shows, make sure to look for us this fall around the Midwest. We've gotten ourselves back into fighting shape and are ready to melt faces across the upper plains. We'll be doing several shows at our favorite haunts in October and November and debuting new songs that will be recorded in December. Can't wait to see all our friends that we've made through the years so check the the tour page.

-09.20.05 -- Born in a Barn by Bryan
Come join us this Saturday 9-24-05 in Columbia at the Maplewood Barn for a rocking show including Witch's Hat, Bald Eagle, The Doxies, and other local rockers.
Maplewood Barn is in Nifong Park at the corner of Nifong and Hwy 63 behind the Boone County Historical Society.

The event starts at 3pm and BBQ will be served. Coolers are allowed so BYOB and plan on making a day of it. Hope to see you there, all the cool people are coming.

-08.29.05 -- Sad Endings, New Beginnings by Bryan.
With much displeasure we must announce that Kevin Lar O' Seibes will no longer be the skin spanker with team doxy. Happily, however, we are pleased to announce the new drummer and first female member of doxie inc. 'Drum' Phyl Shawn Johnson. She's rockin, the rest of us old dogs are rockin, and the show goes on.

Check out the new shows that are lined up in the tour page and anticipate a new journal entry describing all the new developments in depth.
Thank you, Good Night.

-06.30.05 -- at it again by bry
With the recent release of Weight of Gold and an impending tour to support it, we figured we were not busy enough and have begun work on material for the next album. It randomly occured last evening during what should have been a standard rehearsal, but morphed into an exhibition of new songs. We'll be entering the studio when the leaves fall from the trees.
Also, check out the NEW JOURNAL entry about Kevins' most recent adventure.

-06.09.05 -- UPCOMING TOUR First of all, the line up for this years Euphio Campout has been solidified, and The Doxies are very pleased to have been invited back. This will be a great time with some fantastic talent, so get your tickets early.
Secondly, we are booking an ambitious tour of the Eastern U.S. for late summer, keep an eye on the tour page as things develop.

-05.02.05 -- Welcome to Doxy Central Command Click on Audio and have a listen to selected MP3's for Weight of Gold, the new album from The Doxies to be released 5.31.05. Fear not, you need not wait until then to own a copy, head on over to the doxy store and get yours today.

-04.21.05 -- Columbia Show Saturday! by: bryan
We cordially invite you to attend a very Special Pre-Release Party for our new album Weight of Gold this Saturday 4.23.05 at Mojo's in Columbia.
Opening will be our friends Wormwood Scrubs from STL with their fiesty brand of blusey rock.
Next up local superstars White Rabbits will grace the stage with their guitar driven indie-rock.
The Doxies will close the night performing songs from the new album as well as some old favorites. The set will be enhanced by Videology, and advanced copies of the album will be available for purchase at a discounted price special for you.
We hope to see you there.

-04.20.05 -- Thank You! by:manotaur
We'd like to thank everyone for voting in the Maneater MOVE survey and selecting us as the readers pick Best Band in Columbia for the 3rd straight year. We think that constitutes a dynasty.

- 03.18.05 -- Tour Update by:megatron 3000
It has come to our attention that we are on a bill that we will NOT be playing. The Doxies will not be playing at Lil' Nikki's in STL tonight. Sorry for any confusion. Please refer to the TOUR page for all officially confirmed Doxie Dates.

- 03.15.05 -- RELEASE DATE by: Bryan
With a deep sigh of relief, the 'weight' is finally over. The Doxies thrid album "Weight of Gold" will be released nationally through Emergency Umbrella Records on Tuesday, May 31, 2005. Weight of Gold contains 11 tracks of true midwestern rock-n-roll splendor. Expect the unexpected from this release as we expand on our shared experiences and move into a new bigger, brighter, era.
We will launch the promotional clipper ship for Weight of Gold on Saturday April 23 at Mojo's in Columbia. Come out for a extra special show full of surprises and new material. Advance copies of the new release will be available for purchase at the show.
What's that? Can't make it to Columbia on 4/23? Can't stand to get your copy of Weight of Gold at your favorite local record store on 5/31? Well stay tuned to the doxy store where advance copies of the cd will be available for purchase soon.
Thanks to everyone for your continued support during the long and tedious recording process. We've been through alot, and you have too. Time is on our side.

- 02.08.05 -- big wet whiskey kiss by: Tim Doxie
First of all, a big wet whiskey kiss from us to all those who made the February 4th show at Mojos a success. Best Doxie show ever? Could've been. Best Doxie crowd ever? No Doubt. Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck!

We've got some great shows coming up. Friday, February 11 we'll be in Springfield at the Outland with good friends Honky Tonk Chateau. We are also pleased to announce that we'll be teaming up with fellow como favorites Bockman in KC on Friday, February 25th at the Grand Emporium.
The album is done, and barring any complications, should beout late April on Emergency Umbrella Records. Stay tuned, the March calendar is filling up and we'll be hitting the road a bunch this Spring and Summer.

- 01.20.05 -- New Shows, New Sounds by: Tim Doxie
So, Here’s a run down of what’s up in Doxieland. We're so worked up about returning to the stage in our native Columbia that we have locked ourselves in an oxygen warehouse to rehearse and just now realized that we haven’t updated the site in a while. Don't be mad, we'll make it up to you on February 4th when we take the stage at Mojos with fellow Columbians The Confident Years and new comers Abileen. This one will really be a humdinger, Wes is back in the fold and we've never sounded so good. As for the new album, the mixing sessions are nearing completion and the tracks will be off to the mastering plant soon. Speaking of Doxie sounds, our album is now available at many fine MP3 sites including itunes.
OK, back to the O2 plant.

- 01.13.05 -- Submitted For Your Electronical Pleasure by: Tim Tim Chiroo and The Brig
Hello vast internet land, and post seasons greetings. The Doxies will be turning over a new leaf in '05 and focusing on bringing the rock. Last year had its ups and downs, but we've dragged ourselves out of the gutter and are rehearsing feverishly. We're happy to announce that Young Wesley, the keyboard virtuoso, is once again and forever more a part of the doxie machine.
In case you're wondering, we are starting with the final mixing process of our new as yet to be titled album. Hopefully the whole thing will be off to the mastering plant by the start of February and we’ll be on the road again that same month.
The first show of the new year will be at our old stompin’ grounds Mojos here in Columbia on February 4th with another group of natives The Confident Years.
Also, Tinderbox Tragedy has been digitized and made ready for download at the following sites so fill up those ipods with the doxies:
Audio Lunch Box

- 10.22.04 -- ACHTUNG!!!!! by: Tim Doxie
OK, so we haven’t spoken in a while and I want to crack the ice by coming over to your place. We’re gonna be out on a good will tour this fall and winter so check the tour page to RSVP. Oh yeah, if you're in Chicago we’ll be in your living room on Sunday (10.23.04) night at 10:35pm, ABC 7 will broadcast footage of our Martyrs show for their show 190N. Our album is near completion and the tracking should be finished this weekend.
Huggie Huggie,
Team Doxy

- 09.12.04 -- Greetings Exulted Ones! by: Bryan
Welcome to doxieland, where all the fountains spout chocolate and the trees bare gumdrops!
We have finally begun the mixing of the new album, tentatively titled "50/50 Miami". It is our best studio work to date. Expect it to be released late this year or early 2005.
We are trying some new things as far as the live show goes, playing as a four piece sans keyboards has allowed us to get back to our roots with some slammin rock-n-roll that is making ears bleed. We're perfecting our new gig here locally with some free shows coming up in October, and will bring les doxies v2.3 to ya'lls who live elsewhere soon, promise! I'll try to get the rest of the guys to chime in on the site soon, so you can get their perspectives on life and love. later.

- 07.10.04 -- Greetings from Radio Penny land by: Tim Doxy
In case you were wondering we are alive, but have gotten fat while recording our new record. Personally, I've ballooned to 235 pounds. That being stated, we've all started crash diets before appearing at the out door Eupio-Campout early next month. For example, Bryan is eating only beer. Fact is, after a while your body actually starts to matabolize the calories in beer and it works as like a liquid diet.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Wes wrecked his motor scooter. He got drunk, actually .28 blood alcohol content on the books, and knocked him self out when his head collided with the concrete. Luckily, he was found by our friend Israel, of Martyr's Brigade fame, unconscious in the middle of the street with urine covering his pants. Not uncommon, but this time he was bleeding. There's a happy ending, he spoke in tounges at the hospital for a while but walked away with only a healthy hematoma.

As far as the new tunes go, get ready folks for a true sonic experience. The steady hands of Jason at Penny Studio in St. Louis are guiding us well.

We love you all and miss the smell of you hair,
Tim Doxy

- 04.19.04 -- Stu-Stu-Studio-oh by: Bryan
We'll be in STL at Radio Penny Studio this week tracking with Jason Rook for the third album due out this fall. There is some really good stuff in the works, we'll try to give you a sneak preview in the coming weeks, in the meantime fast and meditate.
Check out the TOUR page for info on the EUPHIO CAMPOUT August 6-7. It's gonna be a weekend of camping and floating featuring two stages of the finest live music in the midwest, including the doxies, naturally. Get more info at www.euphiocampout.com. Tickets can be obtained by calling the Bearcat Getaway 573-637-2264. Reservations can be paid online using paypal.
Thanks to everyone who came out to support KCOU 88.1 at the Toga Party on April 10. Some very revealing photos can be seen at TOGA PICS thanks to Lorri Auer.
We have finished the video for "Callin the Kettle". Thanks to Nathan Kincaid for his production skills and keeping our asses motivated. It will premier on the site as soon as we work out some technical bugs.
Those of you who came out to the Bobby Bare Jr. show at Mojo's on 4/14 were treated to the first annual "surprise! it's the doxies" show. The staff was quite terrified when we busted in three sheets to the wind, but it went well.

- 03.01.04 -- New Doxy Album set for production! by: bryan
Hello friends. After countless hours of meditation and debate in the council lodge, the doxy elders have decreed that we are to return to the studio for spring. We plan on working at Radio Penny Studio in STL for april. We are gonna take some time off the road to work on new material and record, so don't expect us to visit too much this summer. We will play some selected dates around the midwest to try out new material, so keep your eye on the "tour" page to see if your city will get some. Our faithful steed Gray Willy does have some adventures planned, however. He has informed the band that he will be touring with or without us, so stay tuned for weekly updates of our old gray van's world travels in the "journal". Also, I have added the Doxy Bull t-shirts to "The Doxy Store" section as promised, and some new "pics" from our shows in Columbia and Wichita. Until next time...

- 02.13.04 -- Shows and RFT press by: bryan
Hello friends, check out our FREE show at Springfields Outland Ballroom for a freaky friday the 13th party and in STL at Fred's on Valentines night. We got a really good write up in the River Front Times, check it out:
Doxies RFT 2-11-04
See ya at the shows!

- 01.29.04 -- critical juncture by: biggity b (that's bass, dog)
hello endearing fans. We are at the point that we are running out of Tinderbox Tragedy and are thinking about repressing. However, usually when we release a new album demand for the previous slackens. So we have a couple of options... 1. Re-release TBT with bonus accoustic tracks and some reissues off of Tractor Crash. or.... 2. Go into the studio and make a whole new album. They will both eventually happen, but one will happen first. Stay tuned to find out which...we are at a critical juncture.

- 01.20.04 -- Good Shows, Good Press by: bryan
Hey, thanks to everyone who came out to our shows last week and all the great bands who shared the stage with us. We had a wonderful trip and are looking forward to hitting the road full time. We also had great reviews in the KC Star, Lincoln Star-Tribune and the Omaha Reader, no doubt this helped expose more people to the doxies, and we love to expose ourselves. We also recorded all the shows this weekend so stay tuned to the audio section for some live mp3s. Make sure to check out the tour page for upcoming dates, and check out the shows this week in Chicago, STL and Columbia. Later-B

- 01.07.04 -- yeti tracks found last nite! by:
we are enjoying our vacation and gearing up for some heavy road shows later this month. Check out the TOUR page to see when we're coming to your town. Brent is up in vancouver BC doing what you gotta do up there, hunting for the elusive sasquatch and his secret stash. cheers for now

- 12.22.03 -- the most wonderful time of the year... by: B-R-Y-A-N
Hi everybody, the new doxie T's are in, they will be on the "buy doxie stuff" page soon. They feature the doxie bull logo in orange on a brown shirt. Pretty f-ing cool. We are done for this year but will see you on the road in January. Cheers

- 12.10.03 -- Fully Functional Dot Com by: bryan
The website is now updated with tour, pics, and MP3 audio. Check out the new additions. We will soon have streaming audio from CoMo radio piped right to your pc.

- 12.09.03 -- thanks y'all by: Bryan
Thanks to everyone who came out for the free show at the Blue Note on Saturday nite. What a great time, Split Lip Rayfield really tore up the stage, I think. I don't remember much past the doxy set. We are currently in the middle of filming a video for "Callin' the Kettle" off of Tinderbox Tragedy. You may have noticed someone filming at the show on Sat. It will be up on the site as soon as it's finished. We also will have some new T-shirts for sale on the merch page in as little as 20 days! WOW! Make sure to get one for yourself as a present for surviving the holidays. We've got some more good shows coming up... check out the tour page for more details.

- 11.29.03 -- rock off the holiday fat by: bryan
Hey all, we'll be playing up in Stl at Fredericks Music Lounge on Fri, Dec 5. Come check it out, we'll try to due a long set and hopefully it will sound good. Sat Dec 6 is a FREE SHOW at the Blue Note in Columbia with Split Lip Rayfield, don't miss this one! -Cheers

- 11.05.03 -- The Men Vs The Robots by: tim
We’ve got some great shows coming up in the next few weeks. It all starts in Springfield Mo on November 15th with the first round of the battle royal we deem (big announcer voice ala monster truck rally) “THE MEN VS. THE MACHINES.” Yes, that’s right folks, We’re taking on post modern tech-o-philes (they're so weird I invented a word) Billy Schuh and....the foundry at the elegant Outland Ballroom in Springfield Mo. If your in the area, you don’t want to miss what will surely go down as a defining moment in the battle to keep rock out of the hands of those meddling machines. “That’s enough, we can’t take anymore,” you say, then we say, “oh, we have much much more!” We’ll be rocking the CoMo free style (NO $$$) with the gas tank twanging boys from Wichita, Split Lip Rayfield at the famously infamous Blue Note on December 6! So sleep easy children, and read the new journal Bryan wrote as a bed time story.

- 10.08.03 -- Camptown ladies: won't you come out tonight? by: B. Madness
Hello Fellow Cosmonauts-- The Doxies are about to embark on a Fall tour of sorts and we should be coming to a city near you. Check the tour section once every ten minutes so that you'll be up-to-date on all our stops. So come on out and have a ball. Yee-fucking-ha.

- 09.17.03 -- Until The Van Breaks by: Tim
The Doxies have moved one step closer to our eventual goal of complete media conglomeration. Kansas City's 90.9 KTBG just added "Carry Me Home" to their full time playlist so contact them through their station web site http://ktbg.fm/index-new.html and let em’ know what ya' think. In related news, if your looking to go to the show at Mojos in Columbia this Saturday then tune into 102.3 BXR Friday afternoon and win a pair of free tickets. Speaking of shows, we have finally updated the tour section with some Fall dates, more are on the way so clear out some floor space and keep your couches open. After all, Wes makes great eggs.

- 09.10.03 -- Shows And Such by: Tim
Hey All. We've finally emerged from the deep Missouri woods with a new focus and some unexplainable rash (I wont go into it). We're still newbies at this whole web thing, but the powers that be are hard at work and we should have the Doxie Death Star fully operational in no time. Untill then, check out www.emergencyubrella.com for an updated list of shows . While your there you should dig on all our friends bands and drop them an email if you like. See you soon, Love Team Doxie.

- 07.21.03 -- A note to the masses... by: B. Madness
A big thank you to all the folks who came out to our show at Mojo's on the 19th. We had a blast, it was really great to play in Columbia again. We are currently booking a tour that includes dates in the Midwest and Midsouth for late September. There are plans to tour the Midnorth/Northeast in the fall as well. The dates will be posted in the tour section of this site soon.

- 07.07.03 -- New Shows for July by: B. Madness
We've got two shows coming up this month. The first is Sat. July 12 @ Fredrick's in St. Louis. We will also be playing Columbia Sat. July 19th. Come down to Mojo's for that one. Our friends The Honky Tonk Chateau will be sharing the bill. The rock and roll show is specially priced at $3 for all you poor folk. Also, you can now hear The Doxies on XM Satellite Radio. We are played on the alt-country channel, believe it or not. So tune in and hear some midwest rock straight from outerspace.

- 06.25.03 -- no news is food news by: bryan
Well we've wrapped up the spring touring schedule with the emergency umbrella float trip last weekend. Boy o' boy was it exciting. Summer is here and the lack of a/c in the Grey Ghost makes touring fragrant so we're engaging in other efforts. In the works is some new material for a recording session to be launched soon. The new song "climbing oak trees" which you may have heard on the spring jaunt will be among the stuff that gets on tape. We will be playing a couple scattered shows this summer and are booking an extensive tour in the fall. In the meantime check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedoxies/ if you want to chat with doxies and other freinds. Here's tabs on everybody if you're interested: Brent is in NY helping people to help free Tibet, Bryan is growing a wild and vibrant organic garden, Tim has been promoted to manager at the fish packing plant, Kevin lost his glasses again when he passed out in a parking lot, and Wes couldn't stop bitching long enough about his newest ex-girlfreind turned lesbian for me to acertain what he's up to in his non-doxy life. Until next time...  

- 06.13.03 -- Test by: The Doxies
This is a test...

- 06.13.03 -- Spring Tour by: The Doxies
The Doxies are embarking on a small spring tour beginning on May 3rd with the release of the new album, Tinderbox Tragedy. Check the calendar section for exact dates and locations. Bryan is currently booking dates for an extensive Midwest summer tour slated to begin in July and culminate in early September. Plans for an East Coast tour have been pushed back to fall. In other news, we have decided to begin working on a new album. We’ve entered negotiations with “scary” Barry Hibdon of Redboots Recording in hopes that we can begin tracking in June. On May 16th, four fifths of the d-team will have earned bachelor degrees from the University of Missouri. it should be said that only Kevin has plans to actually enter the field of animal husbandry. We’ll keep you updated…

With the power vested in me, I hereby announce the first annual Emergency Umbrella Campout-Concert and Float Trip (EUCCFT 2003). This shindig will go down the weekend of June 20-22. The site is located on a private retreat outside of Steelville, MO near the lovely Huzzah River. There will be outdoor concerts on both Friday and Saturday evenings featuring Emergency Umbrella bands as well as a float trip on Saturday and a skeet shooting competition slated to begin at dawn on Sunday morning. Camping is available and the site provides access to a “swimming hole” and Billy, this time you’d better keep your britches on! More info coming soon, but in the meantime, mark your calendars.

- 06.13.03 -- New Website by: The Doxies
Welcome to the Doxies new website! Don't forget to check out our new album, "Tinderbox Tragedy" on Emergency Umbrella Records. We're having a CD release party on May 3rd, 2003 at Mojo's. Cover is $2 and we'll be playing with the Kingdom Flying Club.

We will also be playing KCOU's Springfest on Saturday, April 25, 2003 at the south steps of Jesse Hall. The current lineup for the show is Guided By Voices, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, TransAm, the doXies, The Kingdom Flying Club, The Texas Chainsaw Mass Choir & Hazard To Your Booty. This show is FREE!

Check out our tour page for more shows.