The Doxies, In Search of... (10/10/06)

"In Search of... the latest studio release from Columbia, Missouri's The Doxies has 11 rich tracks based on solid cornerstones of altcountry, vintage garage rock, and British Invasion era, Kinks-style Brit Pop. The album features hook laden songs with catchy melodies and lush harmonies. These wonderful pop sensibilities are juxtaposed by head nodding scorchers with enough guitar riffs and licks to milk a goat."

THE DOXIES - Weight of Gold
"The Doxies discover a new sense of purpose and confidence on Weight of Gold. At times the band molds their unified voice into a raucous scream; at others they lull it to a mesmerizing whisper. The end result is an album that becomes both lucid and other worldly. Like a distant and long forgotten radio broadcast, The Doxies’ Weight of Gold is an invitation to a place you haven’t been in awhile."
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THE DOXIES - Tinderbox Tragedy
"This is the true sound of young people making Americana music, and it has the brashness and brightness of youth and also manages to pull in traditional forms. True it’s more in the vein of Slobberbone then Hank Williams, but, there’s plenty of Uncle Tupelo’ too: ‘Clouded by the Bottle’ and ‘Carry Me Home’ find a bridge between Gram and Tupelo and present as good a pair of dusty, flannel shirted indie-country songs as you can get. There are guitars everywhere; ‘High Road’ opens with a swaggering drum beat and guitars that’ll chop your firewood for you."
--David Cowling, Americana UK
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THE DOXIES - Tractor Crash
"Columbia, MO's Doxies are hard-livin', hard-tourin', hard-drinkin' fellers in the vein of Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, The Old 97's. So what sets 'em apart? It must be the fact that they haven't gone acoustic yet and fucked it all up. That's right, sometimes it's just nice to crank up your box and hear some down-and-dirty, crunchy-as-crust country rock, and these boys deliver."--Tom Hallett, Pulse of the Twin Cities

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